Back to School Without Breaking the Bank

I may be a little late to the party, but I refuse to start talking about the back to school season in early July. As a child, I always dreaded seeing the flyers advertising Trapper Keepers and #2 pencils in the middle of summer, and I can only assume that kids today feel the same way. However, now that we’re past the mid-point of August, back to school is fair game.

I love my children more than anything, but I’m looking forward to getting back to a somewhat more regimented routine. Let me rephrase the second part of that sentence. I’m looking forward to getting a sliver of time each weekday where I’m not refereeing screaming matches, stepping on Legos, repeating the same phrase fourteen times in a half hour, and reminding a hysterical 4 year-old that she can NOT drink an open glass of grape juice on the couch in the living room, even though the couch looks like it belongs in a fraternity house.

Even though the start of school is providing me with the luxury of some uninterrupted bathroom time (along with time for a few other things, I hope!), there is still a price to pay. The price I am speaking of is an actual monetary price, because back to school, like all other “holidays” worthy of sales flyers in our society, costs money. Hopefully, I can help ease a little of the pain with some strategies on how to get into the back to school season without going broke.

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