We Made Settle Down Bottles!

My twins attend Pre-K in town and we are extremely fortunate that they have a wonderful teacher. Ms. O is enthusiastic, bubbly, and creative. The first time I met her I felt that she was born to be a pre-school teacher. Most importantly, the kids love her and look forward to going to class every day.


Last week was back-to-school night, and during her presentation Ms. O mentioned Settle Down Jars. She showed us a jar with glitter and colored liquid inside. She showed us a special corner of the room where the children could go if they were feeling upset or angry. In this place, they would take the settle down jar and shake it. After they shook the jar, they could hold it or put it on a shelf and watch the glitter and sparkles tumble around the water in the jar until they all reached the bottom. While the kids watched the the sparkles in the jar they could take some deep breaths and settle down too. The idea is that their behavior can mirror the sparkles in the jar and they will eventually calm down.

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